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On ethics and etiquette

I hope this topic will become a regular post here but I need YOU to send in your questions to hello@lisaeisenberg.com. I received an email after my post on facebook with this great question. I hope you’ll share your thoughts here, on FB or by emailing hello@lisaeisenberg.com Sam writes: I’ve been looking to boost my… Continue Reading

The pen and the sword

Have you ever wondered how you measure up in the art of purposeful communication? In the big picture, as entrepreneurs, we need to take stock now and then to ensure our message is clear and that we are attracting the right clients or customers. One of the most important aspects of written communication is the… Continue Reading

Minding My Business

Your business is ….well serious BUSINESS but do your customers or clients demonstrate that they value your time? At first I thought offering complimentary consultations was the way to get more prospects until I realized that if I didn’t respect my time, how could I hold my clients to the same rule. After too many… Continue Reading

It’s Go Time!

The old adage “start before you’re ready” certainly applies here. While I haven’t officially launched this website, I feel compelled to start bringing content which will be of value to you. If this is your first time here, welcome. I invite you to get to know me by reading my “about” page. This week I’m… Continue Reading

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