Concierge Coaching

There seems to be a myth that anything of a luxurious nature is beyond our means and is off limits to the majority of people.  I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.

Concierge Coaching is a unique signature experience for the discerning business owner, emerging entrepreneur or aspiring leader. If you think this sounds exclusive, it is. I’ll only be taking on a select number of clients so I can provide them with the ultimate experience and I hope one of them is YOU.

Through 1:1 sessions you’ll embark on a journey to identify blocks and barriers to achieving success across all aspects on your life. In addition to being a business rockstar, I’m a licensed Social Worker. Want to know how this happened? You can read about it here.

So be honest. Have you ever experienced any of these thoughts?

  • Ask yourself or others if you really can do this
  • Worried no one will take you seriously
  • Experience anxiety when even thinking about sales
  • Stress over financial decisions before investing in your business
  • Fear of failing or disappointing others
  • Procrastination due to fear or uncertainty
  • Not sure how you’ll handle that unsupportive spouse/partner/child/friend/parent or boss

Well, you aren’t alone. 82/100 business owners surveyed have at some point experienced one or more of these stressors.  Of those 82, more than 80% of them acknowledged their dreams were placed on hold, they had setbacks due to fear and most importantly they were in less than satisfying jobs or relationships where they had no control over their future.

My goal is to provide each and every client with an individualized blueprint to guide them in attaining their goals in both their personal and business life.

Have I piqued your interest yet?  Good, keep reading!

So who is Concierge Coaching for?

You enjoy working on a 1:1 basis to maximize your time and investment. Rather than be another face in the virtual crowd, you want the opportunity to develop a rapport with someone who is as invested in your success as they are in their own.

You want to have a dedicated “go to” professional to guide and mentor you so you can take your business to the next level.

You enjoy the more personalized approach but you still want a cheer quad to provide you with ongoing feedback and celebrate all the milestones you’re about to achieve. (pom poms included)

You feel you’d benefit from tackling both your personal and professional growth with someone who is highly skilled in both areas, which isn’t easy to find. This is just one way I differentiate from the masses.

Concierge Coaching is for entrepreneurs who are ready to make an investment in their future, are ready to work hard and connect with their ideal clients.

Here’s What You Get

First you’ll book a no-risk 45 minute session to ensure we’re a good match since we’ll be working closely together.

Once that’s out of the way, you’ll work on providing me with information about you, your business and your life. From there I design our sessions to ensure we maximize our time together, with feedback from you of course.

Each week we’ll have a power hour via Skype or comparable medium. Following our session, you’ll receive your assignment of action items you’ll tackle, while knowing I’m just a phone call or email away throughout our time together.

All sessions are documented to monitor your growth and attainment of goals.

Throughout our work, we’ll be getting to know each other and work toward building your next big thing. Since no two clients are alike, you won’t be receiving cookie cutter materials and assignments which are not specific to your needs.

  • You may be toying with a new idea, want a growth plan or are just starting out and need to actually establish your business. Wherever you are in your journey is exactly where we meet and go from there.

You will receive exercises, workbooks and even some snail mail from me here and there.  Depending on your locale we may also meet for things like launches or areas where you feel you would benefit from having extra live support on hand. Fortunately I love to travel, especially when it’s to help clients in BIG ways.

So what are you waiting for?

Concierge Coaching packages are as follows:

Monthly rates are inclusive of initial two-hour intake, scheduled weekly sessions, assignments, follow up and access by telephone and email each month.

Introductory pricing is as follows and is subject to change without notice.

Monthly $497


3 month package $1350 – payment plans are available.


6 month package $2497 – payment plans are available.


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