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Minding My Business

Your business is ….well serious BUSINESS but do your customers or clients demonstrate that they value your time? At first I thought offering complimentary consultations was the way to get more prospects until I realized that if I didn’t respect my time, how could I hold my clients to the same rule. After too many no-shows, the countless bargaining sessions and even a few copy infringements I’ve decided that my work and my gifts ARE far more valuable than either of us gave me credit for. Cocky much? YOU BETCHA! So now I’m changing things up. I’m no longer replacing the word FREE with COMPLIMENTARY to sound more important or hunting for folks to join the ranks of the “changedbymeforthebetter” entrepreneurs. I’m ditching the freebie and celebrating my fabulosity for a fee. You may be asking yourself if this is a good idea and I vote yes. For me, finding the balance between work and life is vitally important but so is financial freedom. By volunteering for charitable organizations, donating my time for causes which move me and being a mentor is how I do my part to change the world.

What do you think? Are you ready to forego the land of the freebie? Please share your comments or email me at hello@lisaeisenberg.com

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