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The pen and the sword

Have you ever wondered how you measure up in the art of purposeful communication? In the big picture, as entrepreneurs, we need to take stock now and then to ensure our message is clear and that we are attracting the right clients or customers. One of the most important aspects of written communication is the ability to align with our mission and vision. As a business strategist and life coach, I look closely at strengths and weaknesses which impact your bottom line. It’s a given that trust, integrity and customer service is paramount but what about the small stuff, which in the big picture isn’t so small? Everyone will have their own standards as to what constitutes acceptable but I see a trend among business owners, specifically those who operate virtually and I can’t help the urge to reach for my red pen each and every time. While some may find that endearing illiterate cow charming, he just rubs me the wrong way, as children (and adults) identify with that message. I’ll buy a chicken sandwich but the cow is out!

The messages which are best received, are purposeful, professional and easy to understood and leave little to no room for interpretation. Transparency is one of the most important factors in creating trust, and lack of it raises all my red flags. As a society we’ve permitted slang and made-up words to permeate our lives and this transcends the business community as well. In case you were wondering, conversate is not a word though due to its overuse, online dictionaries have adopted it.

Poor grammar and syntax is frequently perceived as the writer being ignorant, lazy or simply rushed. Entrepreneurs and executives should strive to produce thoughtful and succinct messages, which represent their commitment to their business or trade as well as their readers. That said, there are many successful individuals who have broken all the rules and made their communication style an art. The difference is, they are catering to a smaller segment of prospects yet they have a following of like-minded individuals.

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