First Steps

Navigating the First 100 Days Together

Whether  you receive a pre-natal diagnosis, an unexpected diagnosis at birth or any other time throughout the lifespan, we are here for you.  We will support you as you navigate all the medical, emotional, spiritual, educational, therapeutic and developmental aspects of parenthood.  

Together, we will create a roadmap for the journey you are about to embark on.  

This 1:1 service the focuses on meeting the needs of the whole family, one day at a time.  Examples of what you can expect:

In pre-natal diagnoses we will develop a comprehensive birth plan that is aligned with your wishes but also considers the medical aspects of delivery.

  • Bonding and attachment activities you can do from day one.

  • Coordination of medical and developmental assessments. 

  • Connecting you with experts in your community., including local support groups and parent mentors.

Thanks to modern technology and unique attributes of this service, we can work with families across the street or around the globe.